John Roper Auditorium
​7:00 AND 8:30 Curtain

Book by Gao Xingjian

APRIL 11-13, 2019
Running time: 1 hour with no intermission

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 “Bold and experimental. A brave crossing into theatrical pathos." - Ken Banyu

Nobel-prize winning playwright Gao Xingjian’s avant-garde masterpiece The Other Shore  addresses the human struggle for individual freedom and enlightenment. One of the most controversial plays in contemporary Chinese drama, The Other Shore follows the journey of one central character, known simply as The Man, who is continually harassed and pressured by the masses to conform.

The play's title refers to the concept of "paramita" or "nirvana," the land of enlightenment in Buddhism. According to Buddhist belief, humans experience an actual visible life full of suffering, but by living according to the virtues of "paramita"—morality, patience, meditation and wisdom—they can cross the "river of life" to the other shore and experience enlightenment.

The Other Shore reveals many themes and traits characteristic of Xingjian's writing. Thematically, the play addresses issues of collectivism and individualism—themes that Xingjian has addressed throughout his career, and ones that are considered to be highly political in the Communist Chinese context. The Other Shore also addresses the more personal theme of salvation: the actors cross the river of life to reach nirvana, only to find that nirvana does not exist. ( /

75 Seats available per performance

Contains emotional and mature themes.

Production Photos

First Actor Domingo Villegas
​Woman Brianna Cox 
David Fedaie
Mother Kaitlyn Gardner
Young Girl Brooklynn Blair
Card Player Dawson Becker
​Young Man Joel Cooper
Father Anthony Holmes
Old Lady Emily Mandura
Stable Keeper 
Abigail Daniels
Shadow Isabel Parks

Keziah Achen-Devena
Kalli Duncan
Emily Hoy
Annabell Kronstein
Annalena Langner
Jacob Mayes
Krista Moreno-Rogers
Jake Petruzzelli
Macy Sage
​Jesse Wilson

Director James Haycock

                  Dawson Becker
                  Joel Cooper
                  David Fedaie
                  Jacob Mayes
​Costume Annalena Langner
                  Isabel Parks
                  Macy Sage
                  Domingo Villegas

Lighting Abigail Daniels
                Brooklynn Blair​

Props Kaitlyn Gardner
            Anthony Holmes
            Annabell Kronstein
            Jesse Wilson
            Kalli Duncan

Sound James Haycock

Production Managers 
             Brianna Cox
​             Emily Hoy
             Krista Moreno-Rogers
             Jake Petruzzelli